A Motorcycle Dashboard Straight From The Eu

Basic motorcycles are the wild west of data shows. Typically missing even standard instrumentation such as a gasoline gauge and occasionally even a speedometer, bikes have occur a lengthy way in instrument cluster design and style from even 20 a long time in the past. There’s still some space for advancement, even though, and fortunately a good deal of fashionable bikes have an Eu module that can be tapped into for some excess information and facts as [mickwheelz] illustrates with his auxiliary motorcycle dashboard.
This display screen is designed for a modern Honda enduro, and is dependent upon an ESP32 module. The ESP32 is tied right into the Ecu by means of a diagnostic socket, contrary to other related builds that interface with a CAN bus especially. It can keep track rent rv dayton ohio of all of the bike’s action including engine temperature, throttle posture, intake air temperature, and no matter if or not the bike is in neutral. [mickwheelz] also extra an external GPS sensor so the new show can also demonstrate him GPS velocity and spot facts within just the similar unit.
[mickwheelz] credits a number of others for making headway into the Honda European. [Gonzo] established a related construct working with a Raspberry Pi and additional rudimentary display screen but was instrumental in accumulating the data for this make. If you are hunting for a screen of any variety for your antique motorbike which is lacking an Eu, even though, we would recommend a speedometer produced with nixie tubes.