Another M5 gone… obliterated


Sad to say this will be the last bmw I’ll ever own, was fun while it lasted but my curse runs deep… every BMW I’ve had got totalled during 3rd month of ownership and this hasn’t been the exception… Sadly my car is gone. Let’s reiterate what totalled means: it means the car cost more to fix than it was worth. Doesn’t mean I crashed the cars, doesn’t mean a tree didn’t fall on them just means they weren’t worth fixing. Since everyone wants the story’s or at least wants to keep accusing me without knowing the stories: f10 m5 bought back in may 2020 with 100k miles: hit by speeding drunk audi driver in august same year , car totalled due to trunk floor being pushed in (20k repair estimate vs 23k car value), e93 335i purchased July 2021 155k mikes rear ended September same year while sitting at a traffic light by a kid on his phone, car totalled due to trunk being pushed in and convertible roof not working (car value 10k initial repair estimate 8k) 2011 328xi purchased October 2021 149k miles, parked on the street, rear ended by someone who lost control in the snow Jan 2022 car value 7k damage 8k. F90 m5 purchased August 2021, set to be delivered December 2021: damaged at port by bmw November 2021, damaged unknown, but enough that they couldn’t sell it due to 3% rule. Now let’s talk about how those cars and accidents have anything to do with my driving skill, please I’d love to hear how you’d avoid your car from being hit while parked, I really would.

Edit: Apparently my wife is more upset about the car than I am and wants to order another lol…

Broken clavicle sprained ankle and hip.

Edit 2: since people can’t seem to fathom that you go to the ER after a crash and don’t take pictures of the car immediately. Nor can they fathom that police will tow the car from the scene of the accident to a TOW YARD and not just leave the car on the side of a highway, I’m going to explain this: THE FREAKING PICTURES ARE AT A TOW YARD, ACCIDENT DID NOT HAPPEN ON THAT ROAD AND ARE TAKEN 2 DAYS AFTER THE FACT. Accident DID happen on the garden state parkway which is THREE LANES in either direction divided by barrier or more commonly trees.

Added picture of where the cars battery was disconnected aka location and time of crash as well as pictures from the crash scene since somehow no one understands cars get towed from the accident scene…

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