Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2022 review review


The significant bit is attained by light-weight carbonfibre and composite system panels, some major chassis stiffening steps, and pretty a vast-ranging suspension makeover. This Vantage has 40mm-wider axle tracks than a V8 40-50%-stiffer coil spring charges, with new secondary tender springs adopted at the rear axle reappraised anti-roll bar premiums (stiffer than on a V8 at the front, still softer at the rear) all-new ‘Skyhook’ adaptive damping components and recalibrated energy steering. 

Even making it possible for for that aggressively scooped carbonfibre clamshell bonnet, bumper and ‘wide-body’ entrance wings, the automobile is 110kg heavier than a V8 and still it nevertheless has 20% a lot more electric power to pounds, since 690bhp.

Aston gave us an afternoon at its Stowe advancement circuit at Silverstone for a to start with style of the automobile, as nicely as some time on local roads. On monitor, there’s a heft and accuracy to the steering and a grasping firmness to its body control that both speak of additional mass intently controlled. It corners in even much more stage and speedy fashion than a V8, with just a shade fewer ideal continuous-condition dealing with balance and bigger higher-speed balance, although however with some throttle adjustability of dealing with when you go wanting for it. By and big, nevertheless, the V12 Vantage desires to be pushed thoroughly, and speedily, on a circuit – not goaded or trifled with. It has the braking electric power, the body management, the grip and the stamina to lap pretty speedily and persistently, as perfectly as completely substantial accelerative oomph – and heading back to that very well, lap after eye-widening lap, is most likely exactly where it’s at its best. 

And yet, at all moments, the car’s titanic engine often stands prepared to rip its aura of composure apart at the seams. It can pour on torque that the driveline and chassis seem to only throw their palms up in the facial area of. Mechanical slippy diff or no, you are at continual possibility of bonfiring your within rear tyre if you occur out of tighter corners too urgenty when the electronic traction command is switched off. On the road, whilst the car’s vertical entire body command is incredibly supple at each day speeds, startlingly guttural acceleration and limited, snatchy and uncompromising damping are only a dip of the toe away.

The V12 Vantage feels like a little bit of a brute anywhere it is let unfastened, to be honest, and so it should really. But the mournful wail of the outdated GT12’s atmo V12 motor is not equalled by Aston’s contemporary turboocharged lump, and so the ferocity of the car’s efficiency is missing a dimension in dramatic expression.

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