Best Commuter E-Bike 2022: KBO Breeze


Thinking of turning your everyday commute into a biking session that will give you a good sweat? Then we recommend looking into the KBO Breeze, one of the best leisurely commuter e-bikes you can find today.

Why Try A Commuter E-Bike?

The last few years have seen the rise of cycling as a viable form of transport for many people.

Due to the pandemic back in 2020 and rising gas prices this 2022, more and more people are ditching their cars and hopping on their bikes, discovering that these machines not only save money and time but also make the daily commute more enjoyable.

That said, not everyone is fit enough to ride a bicycle daily, making it less accessible for some people.

This is where electric bikes (e-bikes) come into the picture. Powered by a motor and battery that offer different levels of pedal assist, e-bikes reduce the effort involved in riding regular bikes to make it an easier and faster experience.

And if you’re thinking of joining the “pedelec” revolution, here’s our top recommendation: the KBO Breeze.

KBO Breeze Specifications

  • Battery: 48V 16Ah Lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells
  • Display: LCD Backlight Display
  • Motor:  Aikema 500W brushless gear motor (750w peak)
  • Lights:  48v Headlight and Integrated Brake Light
  • Pedal Assist:  5 Pedal assist levels to 28mph
  • Range:  25-50+ mile range
  • Throttle:  Twist Grip Throttle – Up to 20mph
  • Brakes:  Tektro 180mm mechanical disc brakes
  • Suspension: Front spring suspension fork
  • Fork:  80mm of travel, lockout adjustment included.
  • Frame:  6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Freewheel:  Shimano Freewheel 14-28T
  • Gearing:  Seven Speed Shimano Altus
  • Tires:  27.5″ x 2.4″ Panasonic puncture-resistant tires
  • Charging Time: About 5 hours
  • Total bike weight:  62 lbs (includes battery)

2_23f7b8a6-9c28-48a9-b3bd-9e2b36b3bbbe_1500x1500.jpeg The KBO Breeze offers a budget-friendly package to anyone looking for a great commuter e-bike. Photo:

Overview and Design

Given that electric bicycles can do more than regular bikes, the price difference is usually quite significant. With the current pricing pressures on the industry, it’s no wonder why there has been an unfortunate increase in e-bike pricing recently.

Luckily, anyone looking hard enough can still find great choices that fall right in the sweet spot of being affordable for the everyday commuter yet pricey enough for a quality product not fitted with cheap parts.

And that’s exactly what the KBO Breeze is all about. Featuring the triple threat of a sleek design, lightweight battery, and an affordable price point, the KBO Breeze is aptly named since it breezes its way through your everyday lifestyle with a reasonable $1,499 price tag.

Appearance-wise, it features a sleek and modern design, giving it a simple but distinct look that’s easy on the eyes. It might not be the most “exciting” looking e-bike out there, but it will always get the job done, whether you’re using it for your work commute or just leisurely riding around the city.

All in all, this e-bike can easily win everyone’s favor with its price-to-specs value proposition because that’s where this bike shines. Let’s take a look.

Motor and Throttle

If this is your first time riding an e-bike, you’ll find that the KBO Breeze’s motor is plenty powerful, especially for a daily commuter. Offering 750 watts of peak power, this e-bike can easily reach a top speed of up to 22-23mph, which is powerful enough to get you in and out of the city without running late for anything. It will also give you 55 miles of riding on a single charge, although it will still depend on factors like assist level, terrain, weight, etc.

Thanks to its 500w geared hub motor, acceleration is also pretty quick, regardless of whether you’re zooming on the highway or going up a steep hill. Combine that with its comfortable flat pedals and you’ll find biking a more enjoyable experience.

There’s also the throttle, which makes it easier to pick up speed and maintain momentum without pedaling, especially when you find yourself needing to make sharp turns or tackle steep gradients.

1_c9fc7907-bb56-4700-9d89-757eb802db3b_1500x1500 The KBO Breeze comes with plenty of high-end components despite its mid-range price point. Photo:

Shifting and Handling

It wouldn’t be a commuter bike without proper gearing and reliable handling, so you’d be pleased to know that the KBO Breeze delivers in both aspects.

The KBO Breeze features a 7-speed Shimano Altus derailleur set, commonly found in higher-end mountain bikes. Manufactured by a trusted brand, this set offers a smooth shifting experience, with gear sizes that provide plenty of flexibility for various terrains and biking conditions.

Then, there’s the handling, which, aided by the bike’s aluminum frame, 80mm front suspension fork, and 27.5” wheels, will surely keep you comfortable and in an upright position. Plus, while it’s not a step-through bike, the frame design makes it easy to get on and off. The saddle may be a bit wide for some people, but rest assured that the plushness and adjustable stem more than make up for it.

There’s also the braking system. While it won’t blow anyone’s mind, the bike’s Tektro 180mm mechanical disc brakes work well, making it more than reliable for everyday excursions. Overall, the brakes are strong enough to lock up both of your wheels if you squeeze hard enough, but not too strong that you’ll end up over the bars.

Battery, Pedal Assist and LCD

As mentioned above, this bike provides an impressive 750 watts of peak power, and that’s all thanks to the 768Wh unit powering the 48V system, which is actually removable. The entire drive system is unbranded, but it does use Samsung/LG battery cells, giving you safe and reliable power delivery. The included 3.0 amp charger also tops it off in only 5 hours, while the battery itself is rated up to 99 full charge cycles.

The battery powers the bike’s pedal assist, which provides five total levels of assistance. Now, it’s worth noting that the intervals between the assistance levels aren’t the most refined in the world, but they’re still reliable for everyday commuting.

Finally, there’s the LCD, which is undoubtedly easy to read and use. Featuring a low profile that’s never distracting, the LCD lets you toggle through different bike settings and shows your speed, power level, assist level, odometer, time, and more.

4_be7257c3-384d-4344-b590-d3dd2da2b1e3_1500x1500 The KBO Breeze is powerful enough for everyday commute and weekend riding trips. Photo:

Additional Features

It doesn’t stop there since the KBO Breeze also comes with extra features.

First, the bike comes with front and rear safety lights, which provide just enough brightness to keep you safe and visible on the road. Of course, a bright headlight wouldn’t hurt, if you choose to have it.

The bike also includes front and rear fenders that will keep you safe from puddles and other debris. The rear fender, in particular, is designed like the ones in granny bikes and provides excellent coverage.

There’s also a heavy-duty aluminum kickstand, fast-rolling and puncture-resistant tires, an added rear rack for extra storage, durable alloy pedals, and a high handlebar that keeps you in a comfortable riding position.

Final Thoughts

Coming at $1,499, there are surely cheaper options out there, but what you get with the KBO Breeze at this price point is nothing short of impressive.

KBO isn’t breaking any new ground with this bike design-wise, but this is easily one of the most respectable e-bike packages for those on a tight budget.

For its price point, you get a modern-looking and comfortable e-bike with a powerful motor, comfortable handling, and top-shelf components found on more expensive units.

It’s super capable and flexible, making it excellent for anyone looking for a commuter bike that can be taken to the countryside during weekends.

Learn more about the KBO Breeze by clicking here, or watch a video by clicking here


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