Finding OEM motorcycle parts

Finding OEM motorcycle parts

Finding OEM parts for your motorcycle can be a hassle. They are often very expensive and have long delivery times. Take it from me: I have a ten-year-old BMW that requires a lot of work. Thankfully, I love working on my motorcycle so I don’t really mind it. I always try to get home from work as early as possible, and squeeze in a couple of hours to work on my Old (not so) Faithful. The only thing I don’t like is finding the right OEM parts. I have spent hours and hours on the internet, browsing various websites and looking for the best price. That search honestly feels like wasting time to me. So after the umpteenth day spending hours online, I decided I had enough. I went online again, but this time looking for a workshop that could help me find the parts for my motorcycle. 

At the workshop

On a social media BMW forum, I connected with the owner of a small workshop nearby my house. We immediately hit it off and set up a date to bring in my motorcycle. And I am so glad I did. I can still work on my motorcycle, but I don’t have to spend many hours browsing for parts. I can now just ask my new friend, and he orders whatever I need. Having his own workshop, my friend can order from Double R Parts. They are a company that sells a large variety of quality original parts to workshops and dealerships. They sell OEM parts for various brands, from BMW to Harley Davidson and everything in between. And their customer service is amazing. The prices are fair, the delivery times short and they can help you out with anything. 

It saves you time browsing the internet

Don’t know how to correctly replace the part? You can just give them a call and they walk you through it. My workshop and Double R Parts have made working on my motorcycle so much more enjoyable. Now I can just focus on the things I love, and don’t have to waste time browsing the internet. My motorcycle is fixed way faster than it was before, which leaves me with more time to actually ride it. I almost forgot that’s why I bought it in the first place … I still try to get home from work as early as possible, but now to take my BMW for a nice evening ride. 

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