Ford Patents Hydrogen-Fueled Combustion Engine


Ford hydrogen combustion engine patent

Ford hydrogen combustion motor patent

It could be employed for a hybrid powertrain.

Earlier this month, Ford announced it is splitting its business enterprise into two separate divisions. Design E will be accountable for the all-electric vehicles in the long run and there are a selection of brand new EVs at present underneath improvement. In transform, the Blue division will operate on combustion versions and it would seem that it could be operating on a quite exciting project, judging by a current patent. 

Muscle Automobiles and Vehicles has identified a patent filed from Ford with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office for a combustion motor jogging on hydrogen. A typical hydrogen-driven automobile works by using a propulsion technique related to that of an electrical auto, wherever electrical power stored as hydrogen is converted to electrical power by the gas mobile. However, Ford’s new patent is for a turbocharged combustion engine operating on hydrogen.

The Hydrogen Scene:

MCT experiences that, at least on paper, the company’s motor need to be able of operating throughout a wide array of air/gas lambda values. Just like in a regular fashionable inside combustion motor, exhaust gasoline recirculation (EGR) and valve timing would be made use of to management the combustion method. According to the available information, the motor would be able of lambda values in excessive of 2.00, which would mean an air/fuel combine of at least 68 components air to 1 part hydrogen. For comparison, a gasoline motor can fluctuate in between .54 lambda and 1.25 lambda.

The patent also involves immediate injection for delivering hydrogen to the cylinders and, theoretically, giving hydrogen by way of direct injection could create up to 15 % a lot more electrical power than an equal gasoline engine. In Ford’s patent, the hydrogen combustion motor is also observed as a component of a hybrid powertrain with a motor-generator positioned involving the engine and the transmission. It’s significant to observe, however, that the Blue oval’s patent only handles the strategy of combusting and managing hydrogen mixtures, not the full motor.

Bear in thoughts that not each individual patent from an automaker is for one thing that will at some point achieve output. Some of Ford’s the latest patents contain a technology that enables you to generate a vehicle with your mind, a deployable drone patent, and other people.

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