From the archive: on this day in 1948

Amid the serious austerity of the 2CV and its rivals from a variety of other French firms, Ford France’s new V8 Vedette was “comparatively a breath of sanity, an illustration of how modern-day quantity creation can get to to the finest standards”. 

In addition to its rapidly very little 600cc saloon, Panhard introduced “a startling streamlined four-seater human body of aircraft inspiration on the exact same chassis”. 

Peugeot’s 203, in the meantime, was “deservedly one particular of the significant points of interest of the salon”, not the very least as it moved previous chassis development in favour of a monocoque. This was a thing also adopted by Rovin for its newest two-doorway overall economy motor vehicle. 

Mathis, possessing been refused permission to deliver its miniature, even soon after converting it into a 4-wheeler, offered a intriguing new prototype Wimille progressed in its efforts to provide a sporty possibility to the class and new organization Brandt brought a weird little issue with its doorways front and rear. 

At the other close of the spectrum, there was lots of stunningly sophisticated coachwork to be admired, sitting down on Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Delahaye, Ferrari, Lancia and Talbot chassis. 

Saoutchik’s gold-plated coupé interior could possibly have strayed into insulting territory, brain you…

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