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The strategy of targeting the tight sports car market first and then moving on to a more profitable market seems to have worked so far with the launch of the Model 3 announced earlier this year. Many of these manufacturers have avoided the previous thought of diesel engine problems as the easiest way to exceed the emission limit values ​​after an industry-wide impact scandal (diesel gate scandal of the Volkswagen Group). We are considering this step. Since other similar claims have surfaced with the Nissan-Renault group in the past few weeks, many credible sources consider them just the tip of the iceberg.

The traditional entry strategy for the car industry is to first target the low-income market with cheap city cars or small multi-purpose vehicles and then move to the more luxurious segment as the cost of owning an electric vehicle was initially high. The number can increase even further. The new cars will allow the company to compete in a broader market that is dominated by German sedans. Prices are a major issue in expanding its customer base and entering the mass market. The success of this vehicle is important for companies that previously relied on larger (and more expensive) vehicles. The fact that other luxury automakers are selling or launching electric cars in the near future is a clear sign that the technology is ready for the mass market and expanding its customer base.

These steps are important if the company wants to create an affordable mass market for fully electric vehicles. To achieve this, Tesla (TSLA stock price) has decided not to protect its trademarks and patents. This allows other players interested in the technology to use and improve the technology without arbitration. Following the company’s initiative, Toyota did the same with hydrogen technology, making it a mass market. At the heart of Tesla’s strategy is Carline’s advanced innovation relative to its direct competitors, as well as hands-on learning concepts that increase productivity through practice, continuous innovation and continuous innovation.

Estimation of Tesla Stock Price

For these reasons, Tesla stock price is not estimated to face a crash in the future. Many market researchers think that the share price will be doubled in the next five years. The main aim of Tesla is to sell such an innovative product, Tesla needed a new way to ship its vehicle. Traditional OEMs rely on an extensive distribution network with one or more branded distributors. They receive a fee for each car sold and enjoy a privileged relationship with the parent company.  If you want to know more about Tesla, you can check TSLA news.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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