MegaRaptor 6×6 vs Mercedes-Benz G 63 6×6 by Brabus

“Oh, my God!” All those are the text that come out of every driver’s mouth when they fill in the fuel tank. But occasionally the reward is the “Oh, my God” form as properly. The men from Throttle House know it. They just took out the outrageous MegaRaptor 6×6 and the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 by Brabus.

The guys at Throttle Household have been in research of some ridiculous equipment. They wished the major examples of displaying off in the avenue, some insane move of automotive excessive. “And it’s crap to drive, much too,” Thomas suggests.

The Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG6×6 by Brabus sports the AMG’s twin-turbo V8 which now delivers 690 horsepower (700 PS). It is a 1 out of 2 units ever crafted. And it costs… You’d much better sit down for this. $2 million. Sure, you read that ideal. And it’s basically lined in red carbon fiber. Pink is the Brabus fantastic leather on board, due to the fact what other color screams “Look at me!” more than purple does?

Thomas definitely thought he was the king of the road right up until James showed up in “that point.” The detail is truly an opponent to match. It is the Ford F-350-primarily based MegaRaptor 6×6, the only a person at any time produced.

What is considerably from matching is, of program, the selling price. It was CAD 400,000. Which is about $310,000 at the existing trade charge. The motor bay hosts a entirely rebuilt  f6.7-liter electrical power stroke turbo diesel, capable of 1,000 horsepower (1,013 PS). The wheels, valued at about $5,000 every, can endure bullets and landmines. Why is that, you could talk to? We’re dealing with 6, 7 navy-grade wheels, respectively. But the sound at high pace is a little something you’d block out. If possible.

On the highway, they’re larger than nearly anything. Nicely, not vans and buses. Everything else but people, while. They’re even way too big for lanes and roadways, corners and parking a lot, as Thomas and James from Throttle Property uncovered.

Which one of the monsters gained? Click the Engage in button to locate out.


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