Si3D Cerabide – A Revolution In Sealant Technology From Nanolex

It’s always fascinating to see a new detailing item arrive on to the scene from a person of your favorite brands. So, when Nanolex knowledgeable us about Si3D Cerabide, we could not wait to see the final results.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide

Nanolex are famed for generating prime-high quality ceramic coatings. The authentic Si3D stays as preferred as ever. This applies to the professional and fanatic possibility, thanks in element to the relieve of software, beautiful effectiveness and impressive sturdiness.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide

Si3D Cerabide – A New Amount of Area hardness

The marked big difference with Nanolex Si3D Cerabide is many thanks to a new mix of components developing a entire world to start with in detailing. Polysilazane-based mostly “ceramic” or “glass” coatings have been a important part of enterprise at Nanolex. Their intention is to carry on creating strides in these kinds of a rapid-paced industry, always attempting to be ahead of the sport.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide provides a true revolution in its industry, as we see the introduction of 3D-Si-Carbide Matrix reinforced with functionalized hybrid organic/inorganic, stable, particles. It is a bit of a mouthful. Fundamentally this 1st-ever inclusion indicates Si3D Cerabide gives a accurate revolution in a number of departments like, hydrophobicity with a get hold of angle of 105° constantly, scratch resistance & scratch filling capacity, additionally the enhanced longevity of 75,000 KM+.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide

Simple & Forgiving Software Process

Just to add to the incredible package Nanolex Si3D Cerabide features, 1 of the most eye-catching characteristics is how simple and forgiving this ceramic coating is to function with. We’ve witnessed at initially hand how simple Si3D Cerabide is to use. Buff it comfortably away from the floor in the typical way, even if remaining on the panel for a more time period of time of time than you would generally let.

We think that Nanolex Si3D Cerabide could be a single of the most considerable solutions to occur onto the detailing industry in recent occasions. The consolation at which the solution can be managed in a qualified studio is massively advantageous.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide is available to order exclusively in the British isles from Greatest End – get a glance at what the product has to provide by means of the short video clip down below.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide Ceramic Coating Strengthened With Functionalised Hybrid Stable Particles out?v=xdcMXOu99zE

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide £119.00

The world’s 1st ever 3D-Si-Carbide Matrix strengthened products, containing functionalised hybrid organic/inorganic good particles. Si3D Cerabide provides an unrivalled hardness to surfaces. It will fill scratches on paintwork and also incorporate resistance to foreseeable future scratching.

Ceramic Sealant Application Has Hardly ever Been Easier

New car or truck defense has hardly ever been less difficult with this sealant. Any mild scratching, holograms or marring will basically be crammed by Si3D Cerabide, providing you a substantial gloss finish. With quick application and the additional advantage of higher spot elimination several hours after software, application time is swift.

Gone by means of the entire device sprucing detailing procedure? Profit from the more hardness uncovered in the Carbide elements identified within the Si-Matrix.

  • The to start with at any time ceramic sealant made up of si-carbide
  • Will take the depth of motor vehicle paintwork color to new concentrations
  • Will actively fill scratches
  • Unrivalled scratch resistance
  • Suitable for software on all painted surfaces, rims & challenging plastic pieces
  • Incredibly effortless to apply (even when left on the area for a very long period of time)
  • Needs only a single layer of application to get to utmost possible
  • Up to 75,000KM longevity
  • Extraordinary hydrophobicity with a speak to angle of 105°+
  • Designed analyzed & made in Germany
  • Almost VOC free & suited for transport throughout the world as classed as non-unsafe

Nanolex EX New From £16.95

Si3D Cerabide bonds to the surface of a auto. Liberating surfaces of anything that might stop the coating from bonding, Nanolex Ex offers a non-abrasive cleansing agent formulation which will cautiously take out any undesired oils, polish residue, fillers, fats or other contaminants to make certain surfaces are best well prepared. Nanolex EX correctly-prepares surfaces prepared for Nanolex automobile detailing sealants or comparable alternate options to conduct to their maximum.

Nanolex EX New
  • Specialist automobile detailing paint preparation product or service
  • Quick flash-on, flash-off software
  • Removes oils, polish residue, fillers, dust, fingerprints etcetera
  • Prepares surfaces for the sealant or wax phase enabling a more true bond to surfaces

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