Spirit XT800 Treadmill Review

Spirit treadmills are known for a strong sense of value, quality, and reliability.

Complaint do exist, but buying a Spirit means you can expect to enjoy your machine for several years to come and know you got a good deal on a good machine.

The Spirit XT800 lives up to the reputation which Spirit has built over its many years of making treadmills.

Providing features and durability usually reserved for expensive commercial machine, the XT800 gives me as a reviewer a good idea what value truly means.

Classified by many as a light commercial treadmill, the xt800 promises durability, rigidity, and a quality cushioning system which is appreciated after a long run. With both strength and attention to detail, Spirit shows what a top of the line treadmill should be and can offer without breaking $2500.

Spirit XT800 Specifications and Features

Equipped with most every feature you could desire, this top of the line home treadmill includes:

  • Motor – 3.5 HpContinuous duty
  • Folding –No
  • Max Speed – 12mph
  • Incline levels – 0-15
  • Walking Surface – 22″ X 60″
  • Display – tricolor LCD display with 6 viewing windows
  • Inbuilt Programs – 10
  • Treadmill Dimensions – 77″ X 34″ X 57″
  • Treadmill Weight – 275 lbs.
  • Max User Weight – 400 lbs.
  • Warranty – Lifetime motor and frame; 5 years parts; 2 years labor

Packed with both common and rare features, there any many aspects of this machine to note. These features include a wireless heart rate monitor strap, 12 quick keys to adjust incline and speed, heart rate autopilot mode, stereo speakers, and fans to make your work out more enjoyable and less sweaty.

In addition to the strong features, the machine boast a quality steel welded frame and large 3″ rollers. With such a vast stable of features, the XT800 earns its place at the top of the Spirit home treadmill line.

Spirit XT800 – Powerful Yet Refined

Put a 3.5 horse power motor into a treadmill and it will have the capacity to deliver high speeds, at an incline, to most any person looking to use that treadmill. Put a 3.5 hp motor into a treadmill with a good cushioning system and a solid, sturdy frame and you will have have a truly commercial quality machine.

Add in the many features that you find build into Spirit’s XT800 and you have a machine that is truly enjoyable and competitive with even the most expensive home use treadmills.

The Warranty is strong and covers labor for twice as long as most other treadmill manufacturers are willing to. This plays well into the idea that this machine will stay with its owner for many enjoyable years.

The welded steel frame is not prone to warping, bending, or sagging over time and will help to keep you machine feeling like new for the duration of your ownership.

The major detractions from this great machine are minor ones, but existent all the same. The XT800 was not made as a folding treadmill which allowed the machine to handle heavier users but prevent all users from being able to store the machine in a small space.

Also, because of its large running surface, the machine also have a large foot print and overall dimensions. My last final gripe is about the LCD monitor, it is not exceptionally pretty and I really enjoy models that give me a 7 inch or so screen that has all stats in one place instead of many individual windows.

Nearly Perfect, But Not Quite

Make no mistake about it, I love the Spirit XT800, but it does not deliver the few finishing touches that really make me flip over backwards for a machine. Overall quality is evident through out and the price makes the machine an affordable option for most every user. Top of the line and worth all the praise I can give it.

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