The 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster Is the Best Front-Engine Sports activities Motor vehicle


With my foot pinned to the brake pedal coming into a corner, the Mercedes-AMG GT R barks as it flicks down a different equipment. Its entrance end is eager, diving towards the apex with dedication. Cresting the uphill turn, a sluggish roll onto the throttle wakes the entrance-mid-mounted V-8, the energy rotates the rear as the GT R squats out of the corner. Ears ringing, engine bellowing, additional velocity than I might treatment to confess.

a car parked on the side of a road: Few cars are as brutal and charming as Mercedes's 577-hp drop-top.

© Mack Hogan
Handful of cars and trucks are as brutal and charming as Mercedes’s 577-hp drop-best.

These times normally stand out—when it is really very clear you’re not driving a fantastic car or truck, but a great one particular. A McLaren 720S on 1st corner exist, a Shelby Cobra 289 on 1st rotation, an S2000 hitting VTEC, and now a Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster browbeating its way up Bear Mountain.

a blue car parked on the side of a road: 2020 mercedes amg gt r roadster

© Mack Hogan
2020 mercedes amg gt r roadster

The velocity isn’t the magic. Of training course it’s speedy it truly is a 577-horsepower sports activities car or truck with AMG, GT, and R in the name. All three of those badges signify “the speedy a single.” By my rely, that usually means the AMG GT R is speed cubed. That they make a GT R Pro and a Black Series variation is hilarious overkill, the form only offered at Mercedes-AMG and Dodge dealerships with Hellcat inventory. This automobile now struggles to consist of all 577 hp, its traction management operating extra time to hold the substantial P325/30R20 Michelin Sport Cup 2 rear tires from spinning as it rockets to 60 in 3.5 seconds. There are certainly a lot quicker vehicles, but few start with the exact hold-the-hell-on fervor.


Credit rating in aspect goes to the 7-velocity dual-clutch transaxle. It really is delightfully uninterested in coddling you in its most aggressive placing, slamming by means of gears so forcefully that I’m certain it is really made out of hammers. Handful of computerized gearboxes in the environment are this enjoyment to row by, every single gear experiences with a belly-shaking thunk. Dial the chassis and drivetrain into their convenience modes, while, and the shifts develop into refined and clean ample to fade into the qualifications.

a car parked on the side of a road: 2020 mercedes amg gt r roadster

© Mack Hogan
2020 mercedes amg gt r roadster

Sound, too, will burst from each and every seam of the GT R as you rocket down a backroad. Especially in fall-major guise, the AMG GT is just one of the very best sounding fashionable sporting activities automobiles. Its deep, rolling-thunder note is complemented by sharp barks on downshifts, playful pops on exhaust overrun, and whip cracks on upshifts. Below each and every overpass and as a result of each individual tunnel, I identified myself dropping 3 gears or extra and letting the wall of sounds crescendo to redline.

All of this muscle mass car or truck upper body beating is charming sufficient as it is, the $210,290 Merc executing a convincing Shelby impression. But it really is in corners where by the AMG GT defies inertia: a 600-hp, 3746-lb Mercedes with its engine in the front that someway pirouettes with the precision and enthusiasm of a mid-motor supercar. Its long nose stretches for acres in front of you, but darts to the apex as soon as you breathe on the steering wheel. Positioned as you are immediately earlier mentioned the rear axle, you get just about every ounce of the drama that every corner has to give. The bow of the large Merc is leading—still less than your route, but ripping you along from forward as it rockets about an apex. Pin the throttle as it passes under you and you will feel you dip as the rear conclude squats to unleash the firepower on the subsequent straight. You may possibly get a identical driving feeling by steering a Sidewinder missile with a lasso, but you’d miss out on out on the GT R’s talkative steering.

All of it is uncooked, so unfiltered, that it truly is perpetually stunning how highly developed the GT R is. Its extraordinary transform-in comes from a person of the finest-tuned four-wheel-steering units in the globe. Ditto the traction manage, that—despite not obtaining the substantial adjustability of the GT R coupe—gives you a lot of rope to slide all over, but would not let all 577 horses trample you.

The downsides are very simple and typical amongst supercars. Initial, it really is so head-warpingly rapid that it is really hard to come across a road wherever you can actually flog the GT R. 2nd, if you’re useless established on a GT R Roadster, Mercedes is only creating 750 of them. Right after they are absent, you are going to have to settle for a GT C Roadster. All the better—the GT R is so stiff, low, and aggressive, most individuals would be greater off with the 550-hp GT C which is very likely just as significantly fun. Last, the GT R Roadster’s $189,750 foundation rate ($210,290 as geared up) may perhaps induce fits. The car or truck is objectively also quickly and aggressive for street use, and expensive for most buyers. But if you can tackle individuals drawbacks, the AMG GT is the most exciting, tactile, all-consuming entrance-engine sporting activities automobile on sale appropriate now.

a person driving a car going down the road: 2020 mercedes amg gt r roadster

© Mack Hogan
2020 mercedes amg gt r roadster

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