Theon Design Porsche 911 Review (2022)

On the working day we arrive to attempt CHI001 – a 400bhp 964 conversion destined for Chile and geared up with the lairiest engine nonetheless conceived by Theon – there are three autos at differing stages of design inside the discreet workshop. All have been stripped again to the bare metallic, straightened, strengthened and cloaked in hand-overwhelmed metal or, in the circumstance of CHI001, fantastically wrought carbonfibre (though the doors are metal, for crash-protection).

All bear flat-6 engines centered on the 3.6-litre block they were being born with, though the outputs are way in surplus of the 247bhp the fundamental Carrera experienced back in 1990 and easily more than even the 316bhp of the whale-tail Turbo. Go to Theon and your possibilities currently array from around 370bhp up to 450bhp in the circumstance of the center vehicle of the a few, whose Rotrex-supercharged heart nestles wonderfully within its neat, quad-piped tail. One particular for another time, I hope. All engines are constructed in Brackley by Nick Fulljames, previously of Autofarm and a person whose expertise extends from working with Cosworth in System 1 to Jaguar, together with TWR.      

At four litres and by natural means aspirated, the engine in CH1001 is the greatest Theon offers. The quick from the shopper was a thing I suspect we’d all motivation: usability with some bare-chested, RSR-y headiness. It is why this motor vehicle works by using a solitary-mass flywheel and very fighty cams. There are also personal throttle bodies, which sit beneath stacks (in this case not polished, but crackle-coated) that artfully curve inwards and about the carbonfibre engine shroud. Instantly beneath it all sits the G50 transmission from a 993-era 911, stripped and rebuilt and now equipped with an LSD from Wavetrac.

As for the exterior, you could choose in the details for an inordinate quantity of the time. The 17in dished wheels are Champagne-hued functions of art, the brightwork so properly carried out, the carbon system truly glove-like in its match. It is all quite pretty. 

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