This one-off Ferrari Enzo is someone’s white whale



Forgive this blasphemy, but the greatest shade for Ferraris is not purple. Rosso Corsa may possibly be the countrywide racing colour of Italy but, frankly, these days Mazda has a superior pink. Drowning in a crimson tide of crimson ‘Rraris at a car or truck show gets old immediately after a while, and remaining smothered by a Ferrari store’s retina-searing crimson is akin to what Jonah endured although caught in the belly of a whale. 

There are so lots of greater hues for a Ferrari. Verde Pino on a 250 Lusso, Blu Tour de France on a Daytona. And Bianco Avus, a.k.a. white, on an Enzo. That previous one comes about to be up for auction at R.M. Sotheby’s in Ontario, Canada subsequent week. It’s also very most likely a once-in-a-lifetime prospect to very own a white Enzo, mainly because of all the 400 or so that arrived out of Maranello, only one particular was only a single finished in Bianco Avus.

The auction lists it as THE white Enzo, but that is really a little bit deceptive. According to data it is without a doubt the sole Bianco Avus specimen of the 651-horsepower supercar. To be entirely precise, nevertheless, there is a further white Enzo out there. That a single is completed in a pearl white called Bianco Fuji and situated, properly, in Japan.

None of that takes absent from the truth that the car for sale is a exceptional and beautiful specimen. It was intended as a flagship to website link Ferrari highway cars with its Formulation 1 racers, which eventually reclaimed the championship in 2000 soon after a 20-calendar year absence in the winner’s circle. Its carbon fiber bodywork, carbon-ceramic brakes, and large-revving V12 had been derived from Scuderia Ferrari’s warhorses. Just termed Enzo, it was named to honor the prancing horse firm’s founder, and production coincided with Ferrari’s 5-calendar year F1 successful streak from 2000-04. 

The Bianco Avus Enzo is a single of 20 “extracampionario” cars painted in a coloration from the off-menu palette. For that privilege, it is claimed clients would have had to order both of the Enzo’s fast predecessors, the F40 and F50.

Our argument for a white Enzo is primarily based on the theory that if you happen to be previously driving a shouty supercar, you can find no require to also slather it in a shouty coloration. Some of us love the vehicle for what it is, with no all the awareness that a vivid red sports activities vehicle would entice. One of a kind style components like the floating purple taillights would get missing in purple as nicely. 

In any circumstance, at minimum just one unnamed German-Swiss billionaire agrees. The motor vehicle was completed on Might 22, 2003 and offered to that billionaire in Switzerland the place it was displayed in the window of a retail outlet in Matran, ahead of changing ownership to a collector in Hong Kong in 2011. According to the auction, it was unregistered in the course of its time there simply because LHD cars and trucks aren’t street legal, and is now underneath short-term import to Canada exactly where it will be offered at auction June 29-30. 

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