Which teams are running what engine?


The Components 1 grid in 2022 characteristics a assortment of motor suppliers, whose efficiency can make all the distinction. Which F1 engine is every single team jogging?

There are so numerous variables to creating a quick Formulation 1 automobile.

Each piece of bodywork matters. Aerodynamics are critical. And, of training course, so are engines.

Owning an engine with helpful electricity is usually the variance concerning contending and struggling at the bottom of the desk.

Yes, the ability of the driver certainly retains sway, but even the greatest driver can only do so a lot with the machine they’re given.

That is why it’s critical to know which motor suppliers are powering each car.

F1 engine suppliers for 2022

  • Ferrari motor
  • Mercedes motor
    • Mercedes
    • McLaren
    • Aston Martin
    • Williams
  • Crimson Bull motor
  • Renault engine

Mercedes ability has resulted in a great deal of championships in the past but less than the new rules, the teams managing that engine have struggled mightily in the opening part of the period.

In the meantime, the Ferrari motor has taken Charles Leclerc to a race victory in Bahrain with hopes of much more to adhere to.

Pink Bull hope that Max Verstappen will have sufficient juice from their device following successful the drivers’ title with a Honda motor in the auto previous 12 months.

When all the other cars on the grid have at minimum just one other crew working their engine, Alpine is by yourself with the Renault.


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