Why is January Best Month of the Year to Buy a New and Used Car


Do you believe to have a particular month to buy or sell something and significantly a car? Some people believe and some don’t but the professionals say that January is the best month to buy a new or old car for a number of reasons. If you are planning to sell your car to wait for a month and do convert your car in cash in January and why you should do this is briefly described in this article. Stay with us till the bottom of the article and get to know why you should sell any car in the first month of the year.

Better Deals on Luxury Models

The new year is always an exciting time for people all around. So, talking about cars, the car dealers offer impressive discounts on the used cars with old models. The luxury car prices are almost the same at the time but you should get the opportunity to buy an old model with good condition at very affordable prices on discounts. Also, you can sell your car in Dubai in January as it is a trend that people buy cars at this time of the year.

Slower Retail Month

At the time of Christmas, the prices are higher than any time of the year, so as the end of the celebration, people start consuming less and the car dealers working sharply reduce the prices of the cars so people get pulled to it and buy their desired vehicles. The deals are applied to the other products like electronics, furniture, appliances and so on. So, you can avail of those discounts as well.

Surplus Inventory

In October, the dealerships get the new models of the car and this is time to get rid of the old models of the cars. Going gradually with setting up the new models of cars, the discounts on the old cars are announced and it’s mostly the January and February when most of the discounts are available on the old and the new cars. So, the dealerships want to dispose of the last year’s inventory and to run with the new models of the cars, the people get the advantage of buying a new car at the discounted prices.

Get Better Options With the Car

If you are in the mood to sell any car in Dubai then January is the best option to make an investment as being the first month of the year you will get more options and a variety of models with the car. The main key to buying cars in January is that you will find a good amount of discounts on your favorite models of cars.

Coz it’s New Year

Above all, it’s a new year and to buy a new car is more than a better option at the start of the new year. The first month of the year is the best time to make an investment in the automobile industry. You will find special deals on different models, brands plus new and old models of the car. So, make a wish now and buy the car of your dreams on the attractive discounted prices. If you have a new year’s resolution to buy a car, you can have it in January and complete your resolution and buy the car at a lesser price than actual.

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