Why the Land Cruiser is Toyota's Biggest Mistake

Why the Land Cruiser is Toyota’s Biggest Mistake

In excess of the past 20 decades, the Land Cruiser has been Toyota’s most significant mistake. Currently let’s pretend we know far better than the internet marketing workforce of Toyota by owning a search at what they’ve accomplished incorrect and why profits in marketplaces like the US have plummeted. To understand this, we have to have to go again to the 1950 and 60s.

A Quick Historical past of the Land Cruiser

In 1951, Toyota Generated the Toyota BJ for use by the Nationwide Police Reserve. It had four-wheel travel and a 3.4-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine. Despite the fact that the Toyota was extra effective, the Police reserve selected to use the Mitsubishi Jeep As a substitute. This was a certified production model of the North American Willys Jeep. Toyota states that this took place thanks to the Jeep’s substantial track report.

TOPSPEED Online video OF THE Working day

Since the BJ didn’t work as a service car or truck, in 1953 it was converted for civilian use and was sold to the general public with wonderful achievements. As the several years progressed and during the rise of Japan, the BJ turned the BJ20, then the FJ40, FJ55, FJ60, FJ80, and finally, it all fell aside.

The Trouble with the New Designs

The 100 Collection Land Cruiser fully shifted the design from becoming a truck of the persons, personnel, and even leisure off-roaders to anything only another person with a hefty wallet could manage. Even even worse, it shed most of the variables that created it so great off-highway. It was huge, weighty, and attributes like technique, departure, and split-over angles were totally missing. It was now a luxurious 4×4 and below is just exactly where Toyota went mistaken

Many may imagine that the earlier mentioned assertion is coming from a lover of off-roading who wants his solid axles back. Not truly, we even now have a few of stable axle vehicles on the marketplace. The concern with the Land Cruiser getting lavish is one particular of social image.

Persons who have the money to afford to pay for a $100,000 SUV in most scenarios go for a Assortment Rover, or a Mercedes, or BMW, or even a Bentley or Rolls Royce. Why? Nicely, due to the fact they showcase a selected impression. They have the Rolls-Royce or Assortment Rover badge and that can make them really feel fantastic. People who acquire SUVs in this cost array do not want their car or truck to say Toyota on it. It is just the way the head works. Quite couple persons (me included) would buy a luxury SUV and go for the Land Cruiser. The objective its nameplate serves does not in shape the industry it is marketed in.

Why the Outdated-University 4-Wheel-Drives Do So Nicely

This is why the Jeep Wrangler or the previous Defender do so nicely. They have never deviated from the routes. A 2022 Jeep Wrangler continue to seems like the very first ever Willys Jeep and beneath it shares a comparable foundation. It capabilities reliable axles with a whole lot of articulation, diff locks, and immensely amazing appears to be like. For that reason, it gives the graphic people today who love the outside want to share.

The very same is accurate for the Defender. Until eventually 2015, it was primarily the very same car as the types manufactured in the 80s but with a much more refined engine and some additional comforts. Ford also did the identical with the new Bronco. They modernized an aged traditional and the results are good. The media has long gone crazy about it and people today are getting it.

These makes under no circumstances attempted to provide the bare-bones perform design to the luxury market place. Instead, they arrived up with distinct cars and trucks like the Grand Wagoneer or the Variety Rover.

The Land Cruiser Demands a Finish Redesign

The latest Land Cruiser should have been entirely redesigned and renamed into a Lexus design. Underneath it should have ditched the good axle to concentrate on excellent experience excellent and luxurious amenities for the interior. The existing Land Cruiser really should be redesigned into something nearer to the 4Runner. Nevertheless, to compete with the Jeep it will have to have a good entrance axle, diff locks, and huge tires from the factory. If not, a intelligent impartial suspension like the 1 on the Bronco could also get the job done (it won’t be as powerful as the Wrangler though)

Of course, the Land Cruiser, in marketplaces like Africa and Australia nonetheless sells nicely. However, these regions also get the 70 Series variant which is a bare-bones old-school Land Cruiser. It has sound axles, two diff locks, and the interior is as simple as it will get. This could be the most trustworthy car just one can at present acquire manufacturer new. With a alter to a coil sprung rear stop, updates to the interior, and some styling adjustments to healthy the “lifestyle” specialized niche the 70 would provide like crazy in the U.S. Right after all, the level of popularity of routines like off-roading and overlanding is via the roof appropriate now.

Final Feelings

If Toyota manages to mix its extraordinary develop top quality with the outdated-school attributes of the early Land Cruiser like Jeep does with the Wrangler, it will be an quick winner. Envision a modernized FJ40, but not like the FJ Cruiser. It requires to be squarer and additional capable off-road. This would reignite the interest in the car. But, regrettably, Toyota is way as well conservative.

The Land Cruiser is a fantastic car or truck. We are by no means suggesting that it is not. They are extremely well crafted and engineered and to this date, it continues to be a single of the most reliable cars on earth. Even so, the new kinds have an identification disaster and this desires to be adjusted if Toyota wants to convey again the model’s income quantities.

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